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A Highly Recommended Chauffeur Company


Below are just some of the things that have been said about our company and the services we provide. Be rest assured we have the expertise and chauffeur experience for your trip to Ireland!



- “Professional,knowledgeable,easy and memorable!”

- "I can't say enough great things about this company, or particularly our driver Stephen. We spent two days in Dublin on our own and then had a driver to take three people on a full Ireland tour for 8 days. We were more than pleased. You get everything for one add-ons or ticking time clock. This was one of only a few companies that would tour with us in northern Ireland and it was also one of the few companies that allowed us to set the entire agenda. You want to do something, they make it happen. Our driver Stephen was so knowledgeable and told us so much about what we were seeing. He dressed in professional clothes each day and cleaned his Mercedes van each night. The car was gased before meeting us each morning. He even escorted us into some places to ensure we got to the right location within an attraction. He was courteous, witty, and flexible with stopping where we wanted to. He had great lunch and dinner recommendations in each town we visited. Our driver's driving was smooth, safe, and appropriate. We were extremely pleased! We were also releived that we didn't rent a car. Looking at $10 a gallon (when converted) plus the additional insurances they make Americans get, it wouldn't be worth it. We don't have to worry about having alcohol for fear of driving. We were also able to nap during the drives. I really am so appreciative because this driver and his tour was the bulk of our trip and he did an outstanding job! The company itself too was easy to deal with. They actually put us in touch with our driver a month in advance to plan for the trip. The company offered to help with hotels too but we wanted to do that on our own." - Visited August 2012 , blckhze on Tripadvisor


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